Monday, February 17, 2014

Have I Mentioned I Hate Winter?

Because I do! it hasn't even been that particularly bad of a winter. But winter means bad roads (which is no good when your horse is 1.5 hours away) and no riding outside!

I did manage to get a ride in last week, which was so nice! As I tried to explain to my decidedly non-horsie boyfriend, there's no happy like riding happy! Both Scarface and I are out of shape. This meant not-so-supple shoulders on his part and majorly sore legs the next day for me. We didn't ride that long or hard as Scarfie is an outside horse and I didn't want him to get too sweaty. We did some lead change exercises (diagram below that hopefully makes sense) that my dad suggested (I love coming from a horsie family), but no actual changes. Scarface was a good boy (he's always good the first ride after time off), although he got a bit confused in the sidepass portion of the exercise.
I'm going to try to keep up with my blogging and riding a bit better in the coming months. I mentioned last fall about looking for a stable nearby to board at, but I've decided not to move Scarface for now. It would be great to have him close by. But it's going to be really tight financially and any places within my budget were a 45 minute drive anyway, so what's another 45 minutes on top of that for the money I'd save? Plus I hope to move a lot closer to my parents' within the next couple years (hello mortgage!), so then it won't matter.

Someone is looking for his dinner!