Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Riding!! (Finally)

First of all, merry Christmas! I hope everyone had an excellent holiday!! I got a few horsie presents. First of all, I got new western boots that I love and wore all around my parents house on Christmas. Also, I got a new pair of bell boots for Scarface I'm excited to try!

As I mentioned, I was stuck in the city for a long time, between work and school and then final exams. But I finally was able to go out and visit Scarface last week. I was so happy to see him! He is definitely a big fuzzyball, since he lives outside full time and is naked. But he is happy and possibly a bit warm with the warm winter we've been having this year.

On the 22nd, my dad and I trailered over to a neighbour's who has an indoor arena. I was expecting Scarface to be a bit of a nutcase, since he had the past few months off (since his foot was a bit sore in August and I was very busy with school and work). Plus he is normally very spooky with new places, so I was expecting the worst.

However, he impressed me a ton! He was so quiet in the indoor arena! He was a little wary of the far end which had a blue tarp, especially when one of the other people riding was turning their horse quickly back and forth in that end (I think he was practicing boxing for a cow horse class). Scarface had been there once before a year or two ago, so either he remembered, or he is mellowing out in his middle age (he turns 12 this year)!!

The arena used to be used for roping and while they took out the return alley, I'm pretty sure I'm still the only person to have ridden in it english. I think it's cute because he has dressage letters up too, just for fun (they're in the right order and everything).

There were a few girl there for a lesson and, since my dad is kind of a regular there, he ended up giving part of the lesson. The girls were all pretty green. My dad helped them with stopping and backing and then made them trot a square since they weren't using the corners. He even had them trotting loops! I bet they didn't even realize they were doing a training level dressage movement!

Scarfie was a good boy. He is pretty out of shape from his time off, so we didn't canter much. We working a bunch of transitions within the trot. He was trying pretty hard, but he was a bit lazy with his shoulders. Overall I was super happy with him!

I'm planing to go again on the 30th and hopefully this time my mom will be able to come too!

I'll be out at my parents off-and-on until January 9th and their internet is kind of slow, so no promises with posting. I'll try to schedule a few in case I am busy or can't upload pictures.

I hope everyone had a good holiday season and best wishes for 2012!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The day I got Scarface

I thought I would share some photos of the day I got Scarface. Wasn't he a cute little boy?
He looks so little here (he's 3). Sporting a spiffy, I-love-my-new-horse halter and lead.

Our first ride as official new partners!    

In other news, I would love to win a spiffy Hayward Jacket. Wouldn't you? Check it out here!
I really like this show shirt! The details are so pretty!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Casper and Me

Continuing with the old photos until I'm done my exams and have something more interesting to post able. Here are more pictures of my first horse Casper and I (after I had graduated from my pony Diamond). I loved Casper. He had the personality of a crotchety old man who deep down is a big softy. He carried me to lots of 4H and open show ribbons and a few high-points as well. I always loved his name: Shock N Roll (his sire was Shock Em). Enjoy!

Showing off my ribbon from the 4H Achievement Day
Warming up at the regional show. I look very excited to be there!

Judge's Comments - Listening intently

I am much happier to be jumping that Casper is - He hated jumping so much. What a lazy bones!

First place in showmanship at 4H! He was one of the only horses trained to hold his pivot foot in the turn.
Showmanship at an open show. Such a good boy and so much for me to learn!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Me a very long time ago...

Early in my love affair with horses. Also, I love how I'm rocking shorts and winter boots!
I went through my photo album and scanned in a bunch of photos. Here's one of me (front) and my cousin  on my mom's old brood mare Midget (She sadly passed away last year. I think she was about 31). Watch for more of these flash-backs coming up!

All Natural Hooflex Dressing

Tuesday my Absorine All Natural Hooflex arrived. I'm super excited to try it out, but unfortunately, I'm extremely busy studying for my final exams next week, so I'm stuck in the city until at least the 15th, but maybe the 19th. I'll go a post when I finally get to try it out. Special thanks to Laz for picking my name!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Very Good Day!

It's not quite noon, but today is already a very good day! Why? Because today is the day I am officially pursuing a B.Sc. in Animals Health with a major is Companion and Performance Animals! While it does really change things (I've been doing my animal health classes all semester), it does make things official and it just makes me really happy. Another step along to road to vet school so I can keep all the horses happy and healthy!

Someday this will be mine!
Admittedly on a bit of a high right now!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Most people involved with Quarter Horses and other stock breeds like Paint and Appaloosa have heard of HYPP (Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis) which affects offspring of the Quarter Horse stallion Impressive. I'll working on a project about HYPP for my Equine Studies class and while researching, I came across this awesome video made by some vet students. Everything you ever wanted to know about HYPP in a 3:30 minute music video.