Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Casper and Me

Continuing with the old photos until I'm done my exams and have something more interesting to post able. Here are more pictures of my first horse Casper and I (after I had graduated from my pony Diamond). I loved Casper. He had the personality of a crotchety old man who deep down is a big softy. He carried me to lots of 4H and open show ribbons and a few high-points as well. I always loved his register.show name: Shock N Roll (his sire was Shock Em). Enjoy!

Showing off my ribbon from the 4H Achievement Day
Warming up at the regional show. I look very excited to be there!

Judge's Comments - Listening intently

I am much happier to be jumping that Casper is - He hated jumping so much. What a lazy bones!

First place in showmanship at 4H! He was one of the only horses trained to hold his pivot foot in the turn.
Showmanship at an open show. Such a good boy and so much for me to learn!


  1. Casper sounds like an old darling. :) The type of horse you could have a lot of fun with but also taught some valuable lessons.

  2. He was! He would get cranky, but never mean. We sold him to a little girl who loved horses but was scared of them because one ran away with her and she fell in love with him because he was so good for her. I don't think she could even get him into a canter, which was fine with her!!