Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spruce Meadows Pictures

Eric Lamaze and Hickstead!!
I went to Spruce Meadows to watch the CN International competition at the Masters last month. I didn't take many pictures, but there is one of Eric Lamaze. Olympic gold medalist, Rolex Leading Rider and, most importantly, Canadian! Eric and his amazing horse Hickstead even have fangirls! There were 2 girls sitting near us wearing short-shorts with Eric Lamaze and Hickstead written all over their arms and legs. It must have been good luck, but they did amazing and came first and won a boat-load of money!

I also watched the RCMP musical ride for the first time in my life. Very cool. They have excellent timing and their horses are all super comfortable with each other.
The big wheel!

The spinny wheel maneuver (not it's real name)

And I met a small celebrity. Little Chief, who plays Sugarfoot on the TV show Heartland! Do people in other places watch Heartland or is it just on in Canada? Either way, he was very cute. Amber Marshall, the star of the show did appear and sign some autographs, but I had much more important show jumping to watch!
Me and a tiny celebrity!


  1. I'm still so incredibly jealous that you got to go. It's been a few years since I went to Spruce Meadows even though it's so close. It looks like you guys had pretty good seats too.

    Aww, Little Chief/Sugarfoot is adorable. I watch Heartland but as you know, I live in Alberta so...

  2. WOW! I wish I couldv'e gone :) The jumps look huge. I wish I could jump that haha.
    Sugarfoot is cute!! It sounds like awesome fun.