Friday, October 21, 2011

Riding Withdrawal

I have to admit I am in a slump. Maybe a funk even. And I know exactly why. It's riding withdrawal. Going back to university to bump up my grades so that I can go to vet school so that I'll have a good paying (and enjoyable/interesting) job so I can afford to live on an acreage and ride horses seemed like a really great idea. And I still think it is. But this part sucks! School keeps me busy (I'm on campus 5 days a week) and in order to pay for it, I have to work Saturday and Sunday (not that it will keep me out of debt, but it will put me less in debt). Which means I m busy every single day! Now add in midterms, projects and the fact that my horse is 2.5 hours away. I don't get much (any) chance to see Scarface and I miss him so bad! I can't justify paying to board him somewhere when I'm already heading into debt and I can't make it out to visit him after school or work because they days are getting too short and I am usually too busy studying anyway. Well, I can't wait for summer already!

Sorry for the rant, I guess its a symptom of withdrawal!


  1. aw... school sucks sometimes. espcially when it interferes with riding :(

  2. That sucks! But it will all be worth it soon!

  3. I really thought I commented on this already...

    I know how you feel. For the first seven years of owning my horses they were at the minimum, two hours away from me, sometimes more. When I graduated I went four months without even seeing Socks and it drove me crazy.

    It will be worth it once you're out of school though!

  4. That's tough, darling.. Keep up the hard work!