Thursday, October 3, 2013

Let the Stable Search Begin

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I'm starting my search for a stable to board Scarface at. I've actually never search for a boarding stable before. I've always either kept my horse at my parent's farm or had him boarded at a trainer where the boarding facility was secondary to the trainer's program. I'm honestly a bit nervous to find the right place! Here's my list of needs and wants:

Within budget (surprising difficult)
Indoor riding arena
Easy to access from my area of the city
Healthy, happy looking horses and boarders
A good feeling about the place

Hunter/jumper type trainer offering lessons

I don't think this list of requirements is too long or unrealistic! I've been scouting out stables online and prices have been really surprising! All I can afford is paddock board (Scarface has been living outside full time for a few years) and even then, some places ask upwards of $500 for paddock board (no stall). Yikes! I've found a couple stables I'm interested in checking out and have planned to do a tour of them next week when I'm off work. I'm working on a list of questions and I'd love some input on things I might be forgetting!

Questions to ask on tours:

1. Barn hours - I often work until 7pm, but I'd like to be able to come out after work, even if I don't have time to ride and just groom. I think 9pm would be okay.

2. Vet/Farrier used.

3. Tack storage options.

4. Trainers/lessons - availability and cost.

5. Feed - Scarface is sensitive to dry/dusty hay, so this one is quite important. Thanks Allison for reminding me about this one!

That's my list so far. Anything I'm missing? I am nervous to find the right place for both Scarface and me!

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  1. Feed? Do they provide grain and is it the kind you want to feed? And what kind of hay?