Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Gang (Part III)

I rode Saturday and yesterday. Scarface was pretty good. He was good and brave over the cross-rails. In fact, he actually tried to pull and good kind of back habit, if that makes sense. We had been going over the little jump and he was being really good about it. Then after I decided we were done jumping, I decided to canter a bit more on the flat, just to remind him that we don't always do jumping (especially considering I have my first dressage school show EVER on Saturday). As we came around and up toward the jump we had be going over and I was guiding him to go around the jump, he actually tried to basically say, "nope, I'm going over the jump again." Which is bad because he was anticipating what to do and wasn't really listening. But in another way, it was good for him. Scarface was trained as a western pleasure horse and since he was taught to go slower than horses naturally do, it's always a lot of work to make him go more forward (he'll listen to spurs, but he hasn't figured out what a crop means yet. He thinks it means do a little buck or maybe do a flying lead change). So for him to actually want to go over the jump, even when it wasn't what I was telling him, I still feel like it was a step in the right direction.

Anyway, here is part III of Meet the Gang.
CD Ben - My parents' cow horse stallion. He has won quite a few futurities and derby, but is currently recovering from a bout of colic a few months ago (you will meet his first 2 babies next time)!

Sorry I couldn't get a good body shot, he was being very friendly and curious of the camera. He is really great and most of the time you don't even know he's a stud!
Lily (the bay) and Tommy Lee (the roan). Lily is my 2-year-old prospect and she is going out to get started next month. She is going to be fairly tall, so I'm excited for her to be my next jumping/dressage horse. She already jumped the 5 foot fence once because she didn't like being by herself! Also, Tommy Lee is Teto's one and only son!

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