Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Spook and Pretty Pictures

Scarface and I had another notable spook yesterday, but this time it was entirely my fault. I was at the farm alone doing chores for my parents and spent the afternoon playing around with the horses. I dicided I was going to hop on Scarface bareback and walk around a little bit. Well, I forgot (seriously, I think my brain is on holidays) that I've never ridden Scarfie bareback before. So I lead him up to my make-shift mounting block (an overturned water tub) and everything is fine. I climb up on top of the block and everything is fine. Scarface is wondering what on earth I'm doing up there, but he's fine. I go to get on, get one leg halfway over his back and gets spooked and takes off at a trot. Since I wasn't even close to being on, I slide my leg back over and landed on my feet, still holding the reins (yay me!). Now Scarfie is completely freaked out and worried. I imagine him saying "WTF Megan, you forgot the saddle and you could have killed me!" if he spoke English. The next half hour was spent with me convincing him it's ok to stand next to things with me standing on them, then convincing him I can touch him from up there and it isn't scary. In the spirit of safety, I decided to postpone actually getting on him bareback until someone (aka my dad) is around to hold him while I mount and drive me to the hospital if things go horribly wrong. My silly, spooky horse.

Oh, and here are some pictures of Scarface looking especially handsome in the bridle. I should really take some pictures in his good bridle so the reins and headstall actually match, but I still think he looks very handsome!


  1. Scarface is such a pretty boy, I love how cute and fuzzy he looks.

    Ha, I've done that exact thing before. I used to ride Socks bareback all the time before we were at the stable and had the indoor arena. Well sometimes I'd forget that the younger guys aren't so used to being ridden bareback and I'd hop on them anyway. When they'd start misbehaving it would finally sink in, "Oh right...first time they've done this, I'm about to die...'

    It's funny to me how they don't care about us getting on with saddle, but if you try to hop on bareback they find it terrifying.

    You guys have a lot more snow than we do.

  2. He looks so fuzzy! I love riding bareback. . .right now its my only choice since I don't have a saddle.

  3. Such a handsome boy! I tend to ride bareback a lot during the winter, and always enjoy it:)

  4. I'm sure Scarface appreciates all the complements!

    CJAY: A ton of the snow melted and now the driveway is soooo icy. I almost fell down just walking!