Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pictures from the Farm

When I was out doing chores for my parents while they were on holidays last week, I took a few pictures with my "good camera." I thought I would share them. I had fun playing with the portrait setting!

This is Chic, who I will hopefully be riding a bit this spring and summer (she is getting bred this year though, so it won't be a long-term thing). PS: Do you think someone is in heat? :)

This is Cass, our little survivor. My parents bought her mom at an auction down in Billings in February. The man who hauled her (she came from Texas) didn't know when the mare was due and was supposed to get back to my mom when the mare decided to foal in the middle of a giant snowstorm at the end of February. Cass froze off part of both her ears and froze her one hoof really bad (it was touch and go for a while), but now she is happy and healthy and very sassy!

This is Clara. She's a half-sister to my coming three-year-old Lily.
Cass (right) and the third filly, Kylee, who is super cute! It's funny because my nieces all wanted to name the babies after themselves and my parents' had three fillies, one for each girl!

Scarface, looking handsome (and young)


More Pepper

Teto - the nosy one

Hootie, who was not impressed I made him stop eating to take his picture
Scarface and Pepper sharing their dinner


  1. For certain reasons, I think Cass, besides Scarface, is my favourite :). I'm glad to hear she recovered though and is going strong!

    I love the pictures! How many horses do you guys own?

  2. Cjay:I agree, Cass is something special! Plus I think she will be really talented and I hope my parents show her in the reined cow horse classes. I think her funny ears will make her very memorable to the judge. I have 2 horses (Scarface and Lily) and my parents have 22! They are trying to sell a few, but the horse market is kind of poor so they'd rather keep them than sell them for less than they're worth.