Thursday, January 12, 2012

Video Time!

I realized I'm never posted a video of me riding on my blog. So here you go! This is from Scarface and my very first dressage schooling show last summer. I wish my hands were quieter in this video, but that's why we took it, so we can improve!

Please keep in mind that we are just transitioning into trying out dressage and over-fences, so we still look like we belong in a AQHA hunter under saddle class with the low poll and lacking forward movement (seriously, that was forward for Scarface!). Also, please excuse the clucking (I know, a no-no in dressage) and very enthusiastic posting, we were working on going forward.


  1. thats really good for your first show!

  2. I know you've said before that Scarface is 16hh but I just never imagine him as that tall. I guess it's because I'm used to the shorter Quarter Horses. But I can definitly see he's tall in this.

    It looks like a good ride to me! But I'll admit, I know absolutly nothing about dressage.

  3. Paigley: Thanks! That means a lot coming from someone who does dressage. We even got a ribbon (a pretty pink one)!

    Cjay: I know, he looks nothing like my parents' cow horses. I seems to me that what are called quarter horses could be split into 3 or more different breeds!

  4. I 0 in dressage edubacation ;) BUT I adore his trot! Very floaty for a QH, and his canter is super cute.